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Terms and Policies

Our goal is to process samples as quickly as possible. We expect turnaround times to be on the order of a few days (not counting weekends). Samples will be processed in the order in which they are submitted. Please review our sample preparation and submission guidelines.

Rerun policy:
All samples sequenced by the CORE (Level 2) that result in no reactions will be checked to determine template quality and quantity. All templates that are found to be of poor quality or improperly quantitated will not be reworked. These samples must be resubmitted and will be considered a new sample.

If a sample fails to produce any readable sequence due to a technical error on our part it will be rerun automatically, using the original sample, at no additional charge.

Data Pick-up and Storage:
We will notify you by e-mail when your data are ready to be picked up. We will guarantee data storage for 30 days after notification.

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