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Sample Submission

Samples must be submitted in 0.2 ml PCR tubes1. If possible, they should be submitted in complete batches of sixteen (otherwise, turnaround time may be increased). All samples submitted must be accompanied by a COMPLETE Submission Form2.

Additional Requirements for Level 2 Service
If you are submitting samples for cycle-sequencing, you must also bring a COMPLETE Level 2 Form along with your template and primers. You must submit at least 5ul of purified template (at a minimum concentration of 5ng/ul) and 0.5ul of primer (at a concentration of 10uM) per reaction.

The batch will be entered in the log once we have:

  • Samples in the lab, in properly labeled tubes3.
  • A valid account number4.
  • A recordable CD, also properly labeled.

1. You can use single tubes or 8-tube strips (preferably strips).
2. Form MUST include an account number and be signed by an authorized person.
3. Write label on the top. Number samples in order (e.g. 1-16).
4. When an account is used for the first time, we will verify the number and the term of the account. This may cause a slight delay.

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